Locally Owned Since 1968

Spinners Sports has been a member of the North Vancouver Island Communitysince 1968. This family business has had four generations of retailers contributing to the company’s success.

Back in 1968, the store was originally known as “Spinners Sports & Hardware Ltd.” located in the Tyee Plaza and sold everything you would expect to find in a sporting goods store in that time, things like sports equipment, hardware, camping, fishing and hunting gear. Tourism was huge during this time with many families participating in camping and fishing trips, bringing in many repeat customers from all over the world. In 1978, we began to expand our products and move away from the hardware aspect of the store, adjusting the name to “Spinners.”

With the opening of Mt. Washington in 1979, the newest ski hill on Vancouver Island, new opportunities arose for the business and community. We began to sell skis, boots and bindings while the entire family learned about the sport.
Later in 1992, “Team Town” was opened in the Tyee Plaza, selling licensed merchandise, including NHL, NBA, NFL, CFL, and MLB, growing into a denim store and beginning to follow clothing and footwear trends. This location, however, only ran for five years, closing in 1999.

In March, 1998, Spinners made its move to the newly constructed, Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre, its current location. For the first few years, we continued to sell fishing and camping gear, but slowly began to phase them out and focus solely on clothing and footwear, carrying brands like Nike, Adidas, Roxy, Quicksilver, Hurley, Oakley, Blundstone, Birkenstock and many more. In 2000, we began to embrace ‘The West Coast Life’ with our slogan, “Putting a cool spin on west coast clothing and shoes.”

With 2012 came the addition of a new location in Nanaimo Country Club Centre, under the same name, Spinners Sports. In this location, the products have always remained as clothing and footwear but the store has undergone two renovations to meet our customers’ needs.

This brings us up to the present day, where we focus on popular brands and athletic wear in both locations, with a main idea of west coast active living, supporting local athletes and businesses around the island.